• WordPress is a open source content management system tottaly based on “my sql “and “PHP”both my sql and php helps in making webpage or website.
  • Word press is installed on a web server that is the part of the internet
  • he first case may be a  like WordPress.com, and the second case could be a system running the software WordPress.org.
  • WordPress was published on May 27, 2003, 
  • it was invented by  Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little
  • WordPress installation files have a size of about 20 MB.
  •  A local computer used for single user testiing

wordpress support

Services of WordPress Support

  •        Remove Malware
  •       WP Plugins Fix
  •      Recover Hacked WP
  •      Custom Coding
  •     Backup and Recovery
  •    WP Setup & InstallWP Theme Customization
  •    Ongoing Maintenance

For Any Help

  please visit our website from WORDPRESS TECHNICAL SUPPORT


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