How to Add a User in WordPress Using FTP

How to Add a User in WordPress Using FTP

Sometimes, there’ll be instances that get you locked out of your own WordPress admin space. this could be nerve-wracking and frustrating. There could also be any range of reasons for this just like the hack attacks, theme or plugin malfunctions, or perhaps forgetting your username, email address or arcanum for that matter.


Regardless, there square measure backdoor strategies on however you’ll be able to enter your web site and make a brand new Admin User manually within the case of such emergency. One such technique is connecting via the phpMyAdmin section and running MySQL queries to make the admin user. However, if you don’t wish to step in the info or if you’re unable to try to to thus for a few apparent reason, the opposite alternate technique would be to feature the new admin user via FTP.

Add Admin User in WordPress via FTP

Creating a replacement Admin user via FTP is absolutely straightforward than you think that. the primary factor you would like to try and do it to attach to your WordPress web site via your FTP shopper.

After connecting to your FTP account, proceed to find your WordPress theme’s “functions.php” file. the overall location of the file would be /wp-content/themes/theme-name/functions.php.

Using the FTP shopper, transfer the functions.php onto your laptop.

Theme functions file – Open WordPress theme functions file

Now open the file employing a plain text editor, just like the pad and add the subsequent code snip at the lowest of the file. Don’t forget to switch the Username, word and fields with the particular values. Also, the username and email address ought to be distinctive, i.e. there shouldn’t be a user already registered with a similar username or email address.

Now that you’ve done that, return to your FTP shopper and transfer the file to your website’s FTP account.

That’s all there’s to try and do. You’ve created a replacement admin user exploitation FTP. you’ll currently log into your WordPress admin space exploitation the credentials that you simply provided on top of.

WordPress login page – Log into WordPress dashboard

Once logged in, certify to get rid of the added  code from the functions.php file. Don’t worry even after you take away the code, the user account can keep intact. you’ll continuously keep adding users and authors to your web site as you would like.

If you would like to, you’ll force reset passwords of alternative accounts by merely navigating to “Users > All Users” and clicking on the “Edit” link beneath the user account. Once you’re done resetting, you’ll take away the recently created account by clicking on the “Delete” link.

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