Backup and Recovery:-


A backup and recovery strategy is another form of information protection and security planning. In the event of a system failure, good backups ensure the ability to recover data and resume business. Hardware failure, user mistakes , intrusion by hackers or willful error by a disgruntled insider represent possible scenarios for loss of important  and useful data. In the event of a system , good backups also preserve data for the incident handling team.therefore we to make the backup of all the data of system because no one know when data is lost.



A set of recent backups should be kept at a safe outside location in case there is serious damage to system facilities. Not only is it important to keep backups; it is vital to test the backups to make sure that critical systems can be restored as part of a periodically test disaster recovery.

In wordpress website backup and recovery of data is very important if any of the important data is lost then it is very serious issue regarding the webpage or website

There are many ways to you can create Back-ups either by using the online(automatic) back-up plug-in that enables to take complete back-up of your database or files or both, or by using manual back-up. Restoring depends upon  how you have been  created the backup files.

Keep the back-up files in different places or outside of the system, like in email, external hard disk or sources like cloud storage (Google drive, Drop Box,mi cloud etc.).

Use good and better quality equipment, high memory system, anti-virus,  a good RAM space and care for it well to prevent hardware failures.power failure also may cause the loss of data.

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