Custom Coding:-


There are many various reasons why you would want to write or include additional code in our or your WordPress posts. You might need to show advertisement, apply unique or new  styling to certain sections of your website or webpage , or simply mark out some text  to draw attention. Still, you might add code to achieve many visual effects to offer better user experience.

All these  are valid reasons, but no matter what you are looking to achieve with custom code, the process of writing code can be nerve thrash or outright challenging! In this tutorial, we will cover the following areas:

  • Adding code that look like code but doesn’t behave like code (in case you are looking to showcase lines of code or increase the appearance of your website)
  • Adding code that is intended to behave like code e.g. Scripted advertisements such as Google Ad-sense Ads

Under these two categories, we will inquire a little into programming code such as HTML, CSS, Javascript  on adverts and the beauty of the <div> container. Now, without further fanfare, let us get down to business

Generally, we can use code in two different ways. Firstly, we  can use code within a line or paragraph to clarify a point about our code. Secondly, we can write, highlight and put our code in a block .

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