Ongoing maintenance:-


keeping the WordPress website or webpage safe and making the website up to date its make sure that our webpage is under ongoing maintenance.

if the previous version of any content that doesn’t support in the website,and the next version of that content is upload in the market,and the previous version trouble the webpage that’s why the system doesn’t support the previous version,therefore we have to update that file,and for this ongoing maintenance is necessary for the WordPress website,and making the website up to date,we provide ongoing maintenance,

Our ongoing maintenance services of wordpress support can include:

  • 24/7 safety of your website for malware, viruses, and hackers.
  • 1-hour of expansion time per month for coding and design tweaks.
  • Daily backups of your database and recovery services
  • Making your website up to date
  • Day-to-day off site backup services just protect your data loss.


Ongoing maintenance and support processes are essential for ensuring end-user adoption

With dedicated support staff, WordPress support offer full support services to all our clients. Whether it is general support, questions or advice, we are hand to support. We are proud of our support levels we provide, ensuring our customers are continuously looked after.

To me, maintenance means doing the things need to make a piece of apparatus, a building, an employee, software, etc., work well when you need it.

Down times can extremely productive if they are used for maintenance. During the down time of winter, farmers prepare for spring planting. They work to assure that apparatus that will be needed in the spring is ready to perform: Oil is changed, joints greased, blades sharpened, etc.

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